Welcome to Unbreakable, just another cute spot on the web. The one and only Claressa created/maintains this site. UB offers free graphics, downloads, requests, tutorials + more. Have any problems, need help or have a suggestion email me at breakableme@hotmail.com. If you use anything, please link back. Thanks for coming by and please come again.



Finally a update after tranferring hosts, which I would like to give a shoutout to Kayla at wishrose.net(loveblush) for hosting me!! Please let me know if I have missed any links or anything, I was trying to get it done and over with. Such a pain.

Update as said above: 6 premade vectors, 5 border psds, 11 deco psds and 2 brush sets. More to come.

Electro Listings is unfortunately closing as I can't find a host for it. BUT, I have decided to add a directory link right onto UB so people can still be listed. Trying to decide how I want to do it as well as thinking of a new layout on top of that. I have so much to say and I feel like I don't have much time. To end this rant, I just want to say that I officially have a ONE YEAR OLD!!!! Yes, that is NO DRILL, my youngest Savannah turned one July 9th. I can't believe this and was definitely not ready, but who really is.

Sorry for a long update, but still working around the site a bit. Enjoy actual updates from me. See ya next time.


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